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Ginny & Eddie // Fine art book

So happy to share with you this fine art book. I designed for ginny & Eddie. This book was printed in USA, Hand-bound and encased in fine materials, my albums open out flat with an almost invisible crease, so you can showcase your very best engagement photo two pages. Each spread is about 2 mm thick matte fine art paper glued back-to-back. I love the quality a lot. This book is the best FINE ART BOOK you’ll find.


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So happy to share with you this beautiful FINE ART BOOK for Sandra & Kenny‘s family session. I always receive emails asking me to design photo book for them. At the moment, I only produce photo book for the images I capture. This book was printed in USA, Each spread is about 2 mm thick matte fine art paper glued back-to-back. I love the quality a lot. This book is the best FINE ART BOOK you’ll find.


Elissa - Beautiful! I love how crystal-clear the images are on the pages. Your designs are pretty too 🙂

Avelaine S - I love these books. The handmade quality is just perfection!

Heather Kanillopoolos - Yay!! These are so happy! 😀 And that book is gorgeous!

Jason - Love me a good fine art book, and this one is just splendid! Great family photos of a cute family!

Matt - Looks like a lovely book.

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USB packaging & Photo Book

So happy to see my USB packaging and photo book featured on “The wedding notebook“. Not Just beautiful image but also very nice end product and it shows how much I like my works. I never let my photo printed on a bad quality photo album. Shown in the photo is Coffee table book, you can also upgrade to fine art photo storagewedding thank you cardHk-photographer-book-package-2

Anton Chia - Beautiful products Kong Wai!

John Bello - So sleek, I love this!

Veronica Varos - Gorgeous! Love the branding and watercolor thank you card. (I’m such a sucker for watercolor.)

Nathan Gilmer - Very nice package!

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Here I want to share with you a beautiful coffee table book I designed for Olivia & Alvin. It’s printed in Japan. This hard cover book is superior quality layflat style book. The beautiful laminate finish protects the pages and continues seamlessly into the binding of the book. It can fully display your images without gutter loss and is nicely presented in a frosted plastic case that offers extra protection and easy portability.


lisa lacroix - The design of this book is beautiful, i love the shots that take up the full pages. Each image is beautiful.

Rachelle - Beautiful book! What a lovely way for the couple to display their photos.

Brian - Absolutely spectacular. Love the contemporary design.

Becca DIlley - So much to comment on – the session looks adorable, the layout of the book is very nice and clean, and I love the polka dots 🙂 great book for less formal occasions!

Mandy - What a stunning book! I love it, I bet your client will love it.

Paul Von Rieter - Love the layout of the images and it looks like you chose the perfect cover image to be sure.

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Kylie & Siu Keung // Japan // Fine art book

Here is a gorgeous fine art book I designed for Kylie & Siu Keung. This book was printed in USA, Each spread is about 2 mm thick matte fine art paper glued back-to-back. I love the quality a lot. This book is the best fine art book you’ll find.


Lam - I love the design style. Simple and neat.

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