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Japan National Tourism Organization // Izumo & Tottori

Here is the 2nd part of the photo shoot for Japan national tourism organization. you can check out the part one here. Izumo (出雲) is a city along the rural Sanin Coast of the Sea of Japan. Izumo Taisha – one of Japan’s oldest and most sacred Shinto shrines. We had some shots there with the models wearing kimono. The beautiful sakura trees line the main walking path and create a beautiful pink archway. Izumo is a fantastic place to explore some of Japan’s ancient history and mythology.

Tottori City (鳥取), the capital of Tottori Prefecture, is located in western Japan along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Tottori is most famous for its sand dunes, the largest in Japan, which cover over 30 square kilometers of coast to the north of the city center. This was my first time to have photo shoot at a desert like location, which is amazing!!!

Locations: Izumo taisha & Tottori Sand Dunes

P.S I also had a good time to take some pictures for my pretty wife there. check it out here.  🙂

Here are some news coverage of our photo shoot.

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This is a commercial photo shoot for Japan national tourism organization. They want to promote Okayama and attract Hong Kong couples to have pre-wedding photo shoot there.  Okayama is a beautiful place and blessed with minimal rain and a mild climate, earning it the nickname the “Land of Sunshine.” Okayama Prefecture is dotted with buildings that bring the landscape of historic Japan to life as well as beautiful tourist spots that offer untouched landscapes. Experience Japanese culture through matcha (green tea) and dressing up in kimonos.

Okayama also is one of the Japan’s largest and popular venues for cherry-blossom viewing. So if you want to your pre-wedding photo shoot with amazing sakura as beautiful background, Okayama is one of the place you have to consider !!!

P.S I also had a good time to take some pictures for my pretty wife there. check it out here.  🙂

Here are some news coverage of our photo shoot and here is the part two.

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Sandra & Adrian // Overseas pre-wedding // Shanghai

Make up and hair do by my wife – DOLL YEUNG
Location: xijiao state guest hotel & shanghai french concession


Aaron - Beautiful portrait photography – that opening frame is killer!
Gorgeous couple, and lovely editing. A job well done 🙂

Mercedes - They’re such a cute couple! I love the locations you got to work with. Very wonderful set of images!

Albert Palmer - Stunning! I love the images in the flower fields

James - This is just the kind orworkI love, They must be thrilled

Dom // York Place Studios - This is such a sweet post, delicate processing and gorgeous little moments!

Jessica - So sweet and beautiful! Love the location and colors!

Kim - That opening photo!! I mean, all of these are beautiful and they’re gorgeous and I absolutely love your style, but you had me at that first photo. Beautiful!

Marcela - These are all seriously gorgeous shots! The tilt-shift one though is killer.

Darin Collison - Gorgeous portraits. Awesome locations.

Luke Hayden - Really great set of images with good composition. Love how clean your photos look.

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