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This is a commercial photo shoot for Japan national tourism organization. They want to promote Okayama and attract Hong Kong couples to have pre-wedding photo shoot there.  Okayama is a beautiful place and blessed with minimal rain and a mild climate, earning it the nickname the “Land of Sunshine.” Okayama Prefecture is dotted with buildings that bring the landscape of historic Japan to life as well as beautiful tourist spots that offer untouched landscapes. Experience Japanese culture through matcha (green tea) and dressing up in kimonos.

Okayama also is one of the Japan’s largest and popular venues for cherry-blossom viewing. So if you want to your pre-wedding photo shoot with amazing sakura as beautiful background, Okayama is one of the place you have to consider !!!

P.S I also had a good time to take some pictures for my pretty wife there. check it out here.  🙂

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Neko & Dennis // Pre wedding // Client review

“Professional, passionate and utterly talented. Kong Wai, who runs History Studio in HK, is a master of natural wedding photography. He has an uncanny ability to capture your best side, and more importantly, always searches for creative angles to immortalize ‘love’ in his photos. Wai is super easy to work with, highly responsive and gives 100%+.”

Neko & Dennis

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