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Honeymoon // Okinawa-Japan // Leica M3

I just got back from honeymoon – Okinawa, Japan last week. It was very nice. We rented a car and drove all the way around the island. Although the weather was not good, I really love there, very comfortable and very beautiful coastline. I brought along with my Leica M3 + new purchased Leica summicron 50mm F2 Dual range and Panasonic Gx1. I am still editing the Digital photos. Here I want to share with you all the photos by Leica M3. I love the result of Leica summicron 50mm F2 Dual range!! I would love to do some pre-wedding shoots there someday!!

All Photos shot with: Leica M3, Leica summicron 50mm F2 Dual range, Fuji X-Tra ISO400

沖繩 婚紗 攝影Okinawa japanAmerican village okinawa
okinawa japan pre wedding photo

Lisa Gratton - Stunning…I just love film…you really captured something special here. wow.

Jared Tseng - Congratulations! And what an amazing set of images. Love the look of film!

Darin Collison - Hey – congrayulations! And gorgeous set of images. Mmm… Leica. Nice work.

Heather J - Congrats! Okinawa looks beautiful!

Teresa K - Gorgeous imagery…what a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon!!

Elizabeth - CONGRATS on your wedding! I always look forward to your posts because you have a unique eye. Thanks for sharing another great set.

Mercedes - These are beautiful! Congratulations, btw 🙂

Leo - Another congratulations here 🙂 Fantastic photos from what I’m sure was quite a fun honeymoon!

Avelaine Scyrup - Beautiful photos! I hope you get your wish of photographing a couple in Okinawa someday =)

Anton Chia - Hey Kong Wai, congratz on your marriage and honeymoon! Those are some very beautiful colors!

Derek - Congrats and stunning photos!

RomyHK - Very nice set and I was wondering do you use a lighmeter with your M3 ?
Your photos are all perfectly exposed !

History Studio - Thanks a lot.

Yes, I use Voigtlander VCII Meter. It is small and fit well with M3. I usually shoot over 1-2 stop with color film

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