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Shek O & Stanley market

Thank god I had a good day to take a rest and walk around with Doll in this peak wedding season.

It was a great day and the weather was so good. we went to “Shek O” and “Stanley market”. We took many great pictures at the colorful house and the rock, there were many people taking pre – wedding photo. I think that there is a good place for pre-wedding shoot. let me have a try next time.

Shek O & Stanley market wedding photoShek O Shek O Stanley market colorful houseShek O & Stanley market wedding photo

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Sabah – Malaysia

Sabah > Kota Kinabalu > Manukan Island > Padas River > Mount Kinabalu

Back from Sabah – Malaysia last monday. It was a great trip. Sabah is a beautiful place, fresh air (better than HK), blue sky and delicious food….etc

5 days, 4 nights is too short. I hope I can go there again and climb up to the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

Sabah - MalaysiaSabah travelSabah - Malaysia wedding photoSabah - Malaysia travel photoMount Kinabaluair asia

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Shanghai meeting

Last week, I went to Shanghai for meeting with a French designer. Full day meeting on Fri and walked around with Doll on Sat and Sun.

The weather was extremely hot, even hotter than HK. I had worn jeans and brought a shorts next day, there is impossible to wear jeans. We went to many places, all the famous places there converted to commercial areas. We saw “Macdonald”, “Starbucks” ..etc everywhere….we’re not interested in them, lacking of local style.

I brought along a Leica M6 and some films with me, took some photos, but I returned this M6 to the shop after this trip, because of light leakage. so sad.. I am finding another Leica now ..

Leica M6 Shanghai  travelShanghai pre wedding photoShanghai photo old Shanghai Shanghai  airport

ngaiwinghong - Nice photos, Wai!

historystudio - Hong: thanks. I like your work

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