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Kristie & Alan // pre-wedding // New Zealand

We – wedding photographer like to think of ourselves as storytellers. We are telling a couple’s love story.  This is one of my favorite things about being wedding photographer. However, my expectation, perception and experience sometime make me to create something I want but not telling the couple’s story.

I was very excited when Kristie & Alan engaging me to take their pre-wedding photo in New Zealand. I was expecting to take some stunning natural scenery shots – something like I have seen on travel TV program. But after getting to know them more and listen their story, I know that it is not what they want. Kristie & Alan lived and studied in Auckland and they want to have their photo shoot where they met (School) and where is meaningful to them. So I just “let their story guide me and tell their story in a unique way” !!

Kristie & Alan // Engagement session // New Zealand from History Studio on Vimeo.

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Sharon & Calvin // Pre-wedding // testimonial

“We had an amazing and fun engagement shoot with Kong Wai, who was incredibly professional and passionate. Nothing was too much to ask and he made us so comfortable and natural. We were pleasantly surprised to see how he captured the landscape and natural sunlight beautifully. He was able to convey an emotive story through his superb composition and angels. It was a pleasure to have him and his team. Thank you for sharing the day with us!”

Sharon and Calvin

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