Man & Fu // Family // Nam Sang Wai

Sweet couple + cute kid + Beautiful natural light = ?

It’s my first family session ever. I love being able to capture the interaction and the love in their family in natural way.

This session got featured on PRAISE WEDDING

Location: Nam Sang Wai

Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-0Family & Baby photography hong kongMan-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-03fun-natural-Family-photography-hk-04Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-05嬰兒照片 Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-07Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-08家庭照片Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-010Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-011Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-012Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-013family film photographyMan-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-015baby new born photography Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-017Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-018Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-019Nam sang wai photoMan-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-021Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-022natural light pre wedding photo hong kongMan-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-024Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-025Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-026Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-027beautiful-Family-photography-hk-028Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-029Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-030Man-&-Fu-Family-photography-hk-031

Kelsie Taylor - ahhh how CUTE is that little boy!! these are amazing, i can’t believe this is your first family session. you rocked it!

Laura Burlton - What an adorable family! That kid is just so sweet!!!

Dale Lempa - Wow, your first family shoot ever? Definitely looks like you know what you’re doing. Nice compositions, good use of light, excellent timing. Well done.

Kyle - No way this is your first, you’re lying!! These are too good!

Joseph West - ADORABLE KID! And adorable photos.

Veronica Varos - Oh, such an adorable family! You captured them so lovingly. 🙂

Natalie Champa Jennings - These are wonderful. I enjoyed this collection & your style.

Derek Martinez - These are just adorable!! Phenomenal work!

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