“Kidrace” – Pop Band promotional shooting

I recently play drum for a pop band called “Kidrace”, we play pop music, hope you will like it..

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每個人心裡面都住著一個小孩,而音樂像鑰匙,可以打開人與人之間的心門。 他們的個性可以很乖,也可以很怪,但他們都貪玩,希望發掘未知的可能。 風格、類型… 有時根本不重要嘛~ 只是一定要真心地面對一切。 對了,KIDRACE就是這個樣子!

I set the camera on a tripod and shot every member individually and retouched them into one in photoshop .  2 flash used, one at camera left with 60″ shoot through umbrella, another one at camera right for rim light ..

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