“Be yourself & Celebrate love” – 2011 review

Dec 2011. Time is running fast. This peak season will end soon and tonnes of photos are waiting for me to edit.

I sat here today at the end of my first wedding season. After the wedding shooting as second photographer for Tanarak Photography last wedding season, I was really thankful to Tanarak for letting me working with him and sharing experience with me. I put aside most of my design work and had more wedding job done in this wedding season with international bookings and overseas pre-wedding. What opportunity GOD put in front of me, with the help and support from my family and all my friends, has blew me away.

“Be yourself & Celebrate love” – The more wedding shots I take, the more I understand about wedding. Many clients of mine know that I do not talk much nor direct them on their wedding. I just view everything during the wedding from my perspective and capture every single touching moment. When I look at some wedding magazines, blogs or forums, etc., most of them focus on details – like wedding gowns, decorations or a million of other things. Those details are important and I love details too, but don’t get lost in the details. The most important point is “Be yourself & Celebrate love” – the love & commitment between you and your partner. That is also what I am after as a wedding photographer. I love to document real story of the wedding day.

I love photography as well as wedding. I plan to shoot more films, travel more and do some personal projects next year. Hope people will not be taken aback by the non-wedding photos posted in my blog. I am already looking forward to 2012.


/mariahedengren - A great year. A good collection of phographs. I especially like your wide shots.

Johanna - You’ve had a beautiful year. I love the snowy portrait, and the first big image with the trees and balloons.

alex - WOW! You had a really great year! Love the snow picture 😀

Teresa K - It looks like it was an AMAZING year for you. That elevator shot is FANTASTIC…but really, they ALL are. Keep on keeping on!!

jen smith - Wow! So vibrant and colorful and dramatic! My fave might be the animated duo running through the train station. Oh, and the vertical image with the dramatic diagonal lines is awesome! I hope it’s displayed in a large size somewhere. Congrats on a great year!

Avelaine Scyrup - You should be proud of this collection! I love your use of leading lines and vertical compositions.

Porter - daaannnng you had a killer year!!! 7 from the bottom though, blowing my mind right now. pure art! gorgeous work!

Nathan Gilmer - I LOVE the one of them chasing the train. So awesome!

Sally Watts - Wow-what a wonderful set of images! I think they’re all fantastic, but I particularly love the image of the couple running through the train station. It’s so original!

ALMA - Awesome frames!!

Kyle - That second shot is RIDIC.

James Bitz - What an adventure! Awesome stuff!

Tyler - some really amazing images in here.

jim - new york wedding photographer - What amazing photos and theme behind them. Great job.

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