Hiu Shuen 1 year old birthday party

My daughter – Hiu Shuen 1 year old birthday party! We feel blessed and beloved! My wife and I love Hiu Shuen so much! And I sure my wife is a better designer than me, she handmade all the lovely backdrop and decorations. Thanks everyone for coming!


Anton Chia - So cute!! 好可爱!!

Steve Koo - She is ridiculously cute. I love it!

Alan Langley - Fabulous – happy times

Avelaine S - Awww happy birthday Hiu Shuen! She is super cute 🙂

Sachin Khona - Cuteness overload!!

Matthew Mead - Awesome. Say happy bday to your daughter from me!

Alyssa Schroeder - Aww! How awesome to have the first birthday professionally photographed!

Matt - Very very cute! awesome moments! great work

Lyn Ismael-Bennett - What an adorable little girl! I’m sure they love the happy moments you captured. Well done.

Paul Krol - Nice job!

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