Katie & Ian // Hong Kong wedding photographer

Katie & Ian are currently based in Ireland. They wanted to capture their engagement session in Hong Kong. We so very nearly rescheduled this shoot due to some bad weather, but I’m so glad we decided to risk it, as the weather turned lovely pretty much in perfect timing for our session! I am looking forward to capture their Hong Kong wedding day in coming winter!

Makeup and Hairdo by my wife

Location: Tai Tam ReservoirSHEK O & THE PEAK


Heather Kanillopoolos - WOW!! I absolutely adore those foggy shots!

Paul Krol - Beautiful work and I think I liked the beach pictures the best!

Mark Pacura - Wow, really amazing work, every photo is great, but the 5th from the top is my favourite.

Sarah - These are amazing, so many perfect shots and the fog at the end is stunning!

Tobiah - Absolutely brilliant portraits and that misty light! Wow?!

Jessica Schilling - This is gorgeous! Such an adorable couple and so many stunning locations!

Aaron - Those portraits! That light!
Beautifully processed and presented – gorgeous work 🙂

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