Melody & Rickel // Pre-wedding (e-session) Video

We love our works, we love this video, we really had a good time with Melody & Rickel. That day was cold, but they still enjoy shooting with us, stand to freeze … haha ..

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Melody & Rickel Pre-wedding from History Studio on Vimeo.

Wedding of Melody & Rickel « KongWai@History-studio's Blog - […] For video please click Here […]

James Murphy - Great fusion video. I’m sure the couple loved it. I like that first street photo, nicely done.

Thomas Lester - Great slide show. Love that the groom is rock’n that hair cut. Great job.

Crystal - Wow!!

Heather - It takes such a special skill to put something like this together. It’s stunning!!

Melody & Rickel - pre-wedding in Hong Kong - […] For video please click Here […]

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