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Toe live in Hong Kong 2010

Toe is a post-rock band from Japan. I like them so much. I was impressed by their live performance!

Toe is composed of Kashikura Takashi on drums, Mino Takaaki on guitar, Yamane Satoshi on bass guitar, and Yamazaki Hirokazu on guitar. Toe has formally played with this line-up since the band’s inception in 2000. They are currently one of four bands on the indie label Machu Picchu, along with the bands mouse on the keysEnemies and Tangled Hair. This is a label formed by the members of Toe.

Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-0Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-02Canopus drumToe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-04Toe-Japan-Yamazaki HirokazuToe-Japan-Yamane SatoshiToe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-07Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-08Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-09Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-010Toe-Japan-Kashikura TakashiToe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-012Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-013Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-014Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-015Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-hk-016Toe-Japan-liveinhk-band-photography-Kashikura Takashi

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Our Rock Story 5 band competition

This was a great show.

Every band, every staff shown their effort. Looking forward to “Our Rock Story 6”

This was my first time to shoot band competition. It is quite challenging as each band only play one song, that means i only have about 5mins to shoot each band.

our rock storyHong kong indie band

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