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Merry Christmas & Happy new year!!

Thank god for loving me and being with me this whole year !!

When I look at 2010, I was busy but meaningful. I started to learn marketing this year to see how I can expand my business. I tried many diff. ways – print ad, join some professional wedding organizations and make connection with local professional photographers …etc.

End up, I rebuild my blog and portfolio site (launch soon) and the most important is I refined my photo style and the way to document a wedding. I never think I am good enough – view national photographer blog and research on internet are my daily jobs ..

Base on what I found this year, I will be more focus in next year, Can’t wait for the new challenge of 2011 !!

lastly, I want to thanks my fiancee – Doll for supporting and loving me always. We are going to get merry in 2012 Feb, Many stuffs have to prepare in coming year, but Don’t worry, sure that I will put time on it, make it simple yet beautiful.

God bless, With love

Here are some of my favorite shots of 2010.

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Jessica & Yu // Pre-wedding video

Happy wedding to Jessica and Yu!!

We enjoyed their wedding last weekend. lovely couple, unforgettable pick-up bride and great weather.., so much fun..

Can’t wait to blog this video. We like it so much….


More photos

coming soon

Photo by Kongwai@history-studio.com
Video by Kaleung@history-studio.com

Jessica & Yu Pre-wedding from History Studio on Vimeo.

Latoya Roberson - Awesome video!

Manchester wedding photographer - I really enjoyed watching this video

Leah Kua - This is fantastic! Adorable couple and such a great blend of stills and video.

Lisa Novakowski - Awesome video. I’m glad I took a minute to watch it… I’ve seen your blog post and this is a great addition to it!

Heather - Remarkable and rememberable. 😀 Awesome work!!

Michael West - I was sent this link by a friend. Just want to wish you both a lifetime of happiness and what a beautiful couple you make

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