Our Facebook page has reached 1000 likes !!

Our Facebook page has reached 1000 likes !! Thanks so much for your support. We definitely want more likes. For those who haven’t yet Liked our page, please like it and share it .. Thanks you !!

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Courtney - Fantastic achievement. You guys are awesome; I’m going to head over to FB-land and become another fan. I like the graphic you designed for the occasion, as well!

Nessa K - Congratulations!! 🙂

Nora - That’s awesome. Congratulations!

Kellee Walsh - Congrats!

Kyle - Very exciting, good for you!

Ilkka K - Awesome! Great work — I’m sure 2000 will come twice as fast now! =)

bec {wanted imagery} - congratulations! very exciting!

Shella - Well done!! 🙂 oh, and love your website btw! x

Derek - Well done!

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